Screw On Smoking Pipe 4 inches with Free Metal Screen - GREEN

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This Screw On Smoking Pipe 10 cm is a convenient for a quick sesh .Grind your herbs and pack your pipe.

This pipe is made from metal and easy to use and  hide.

Besides ,it’s unbreakable and easy to maintain and clean .

The size is around 4 inches which is Medium for a metal pipe, easily stashed in your pocket ,car  or in your bag pack.In fact, you can stash it literally  anywhere.It is one of the best options to smoke outdoors. If you have a party, camping or on a road trip then this pipe is for you.

  • Measures around  4 inches in length
  • Metal pipe with a screw on bowl
  • Easy to clean
  • High Quality Durable metal
  • 10 metal screens for free!
    You can choose between Gold or Silver.



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